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Audio Configuration Auditorium Audio Theatre Audio Theatre Audio Theatre in a County of Northern Anhui Province。


新余市,江西省地級市,長江中游城市群重要成員,位于江西省中部偏西,浙贛鐵路西段,全境東西最長處101.9公里,南北最寬處65公里,東距省會南昌市150公里,東臨樟樹市、新干縣,西接宜春市袁州區,南連吉安市青原區、安??h、峽江縣,北毗上高縣、高安市。新余市總面積3178平方公里。 新余市地貌,根據江西省地貌圖劃分,隸屬于贛西中低山與丘陵區,地貌基本形態有低山、高丘陵、低丘陵、崗地、階地、平原6種類型。新余市屬亞熱帶濕潤性氣候,具有四季分明,氣候溫和,日照充足,雨量充沛,無霜期長,嚴冬較短的特征。袁河是流經新余市的主要河流,屬贛江水系,橫貫東西,境內河段長116.9公里。人們經常印入眼簾的是北湖賓館,門前奇石噴泉,佳人信步,風情萬種,倍感尊容!

Mengcheng County, belonging to Fuyang City, Anhui Province, is known as "famous and excellent specialty county" and "natural resource bank". It is the only pilot county of circular economy in agriculture (forestry) in China, which is a large county of grain production in the whole country, the township of Liubian in China and the only pilot county of circular economy in the whole country. Whenever the night falls and the lights come on, whenever the body and mind are tired and eager to get rid, the light car comes and the Zhenwei Hotel, the geyser of the strange stone in front of the door, the beautiful woman's walk, the various customs, feel respectful!


The club adopts both Chinese and Western design styles, geometric figures and concise decorative strips, which constitute the ups and downs of the indoor vision, giving the space a strong visual sense and a unique sense of rhythm. The warm and elegant design style of Eastern and Western Charm embodies the classical dialogue beyond time and space. Or beautiful, or high-pitched songs from far and near, this is by the United States PEAVEY Entertainment Headquarters and the Anhui Operating Center dedicated to building, close your eyes and listen carefully, that is the pleasant songs of long-distance travelers! About 35 friends, about childhood playmates, in a song of new words and old things, singing the sounds of the New Year's rings, slowly fading last year, holding the vicissitudes of life, gradually understand that everything is safe and sound, good! PEAVEY Entertainment & Zhenwei Hotel, built with JAZZ (Jazz) series, has become the leading high-end entertainment club in Taihe County. When the music sounds, it reviews the years, looks back at the deep feelings, and echoes the touching feelings. It is not only a song, but also the voice of lodging in many emotions. American PEAVEY Entertainment said: Life scroll, long and boring, and we are unique in the sea, not repetitive clouds, serious, devoted, put the dawn in place, will hide in the dark night, not fear, not grieve, not complain, the gift of years, must be the sounds of nature like mountains and rivers!

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